Home Study Program HSP is available from the 1st Oct 2016

SHOSHINSHA - Beginners training course

Demo introduction (you will have to join the HSP to get access to all the lessons).

To train in ninjutsu you must have a 'good heart' . . . in other words you must want to train for the right reasons . . . that is to better yourself and the world we live in, you should do this by gaining balance in your 'Sanshin' - your 'three hearts' meaning your body, mind & spirit and to develop perseverance, forbearance, self discipline and self respect.

We do not train to beat anyone else . . . we must conquer ourselves, understanding and improving on our own weaknesses (where we can) and exploring our strengths. Becoming the best (balanced) you, you can be!

Train with a calm attitude . . . don't be in a hurry, you should try to learn instead of just doing!

Train with focus . . . concentrate on what you are learning!

Train with repetition . . . your brain, nervous system and muscles all play a part in learning and remembering movements!  
You will learn more about this in the HSP - Home Study Program or at one of our Dojo.

Make time to practice . . . set aside at least 20 minutes a day to train in the technique, do some or as much as you can.
You can even do the Junan Taiso every morning if you want to get NINJAFIT fast! 

Remember balance . . . soft, slow, small when you need to be, hard, fast, big when you need to be, that is true balance.   You might have heard of YIN YANG (Chinese), well in Japan this symbol of balance is known as IN YO, study this . . . it's not as simple as 'black' and 'white'.

A ninja adapts to his/her environment becoming what is required to survive & succeed! This can help you in every part of your life - school, friends, family, sport & work.

Watch the following videos over and over again until you truly understand what they are teaching, then copy the movements, over and over!

Understand that these are the basic versions of the technique, they will get more advanced with variations and counters as you progress up the belt levels, so don't worry if you think anything looks too simple or like it won't work, we give you these basic methods to build a solid foundation of movement and feeling so your advanced technique will be very good!

Refer to the videos often and correct anything that you may have got wrong or misunderstood.
Ninja never stop learning, so don't ever think  'I know it all' or that 'I don't need to learn more or update my skills'

Always remember: the one who wins a 'fight' is the one who doesn't get hurt!
Our philosophy on 'fighting' is to cause minimal or no harm while protecting oneself, loved ones or property.

A true ninja gathers skills and knowledge over an entire lifetime!

Enjoy your training . . . even the difficult parts, this perseverance will help build a strong 'heart'!