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First the 12 week NINJAFIT CHALLENGE , Fitness Health and Wellbeing program.
Then 2 weeks later the BUYU KAI (Warrior Friends Society) 9 Japanese Cultural activities society,
and finally 2 weeks after that NINJUTSU HOME STUDY PROGRAM for kids and Adults.

There will still be more content added after we launch so start with the fitness and you'll be ready for the rest as we go ¬†ūüėČ

Thanks for your patience.

MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTORS and FITNESS INSTRUCTORS, SPORT COACHES, or PT's see our NINJAFIT PT and NINJAFIT MASTER program at the bottom of this page for your chance to get involved early with our affiliate program for online passive income!

Forged over 800 years . . .

Honed for over 32 years by modern sport science and fitness methods!

The SHINOBI JUNAN TAISO (Ninja flexibility & body conditioning) brings a balance to the


Body = balancing inner health and outer fitness

Mind = balancing technical knowledge and worldly knowledge

Spirit = balancing courage and compassion

and applies the

GODAI (5 GREAT) - 5 Elements

EARTH = Solid, grounded, muscle, bone, physical connection - self massage

WATER = Fluidity, blood, circulation, nerve connection - exercise/movement 

FIRE = Energy, metabolism, body heat, intention - power/strength

WIND = Freedom of movement, respiratory, open mindedness - stretch/flexibility

VOID = Spirit, thought, emotion, life force, creative energy - mindset/internal belief

The Junan Taiso is structured around the GODAI, 5 elements of training the SANSHIN body, mind and spirit

Forging A TRULY balanced BEING.

The ultimate wellbeing system



Whether you are looking to get NINJAFIT with our fitness, health and wellbeing system, to join the BUYU KAI (Warrior Friends Society) Japanese culture activities or want to study traditional NINJUTSU Martial Arts (all included but optional) . . . joining our Ninja Clan has more benefits than you might think!



This is NOT a new fad exercise or a rehashed program from the 80's . . . it's NOT a collection of martial arts moves put together by some Martial Artist without a real fitness industry background. We have provided the NINJAFIT program since 1999 to over 30 schools, thousands of individuals through the Commonwealth Governments Active Australia and Be Active programs, approved by the Australian Sports Commission for delivery in the Active After Schools Communities (AASC) program from 2005 plus as public fitness/wellbeing programs at community centers across Adelaide and for our own Martial Arts students.

It is suitable for almost anyone, any gender from 4 to 104+, with secure individual age group online access . . . this truly is the ultimate in wellbeing programs.

This IS a conditioning system based on similar methods used centuries ago by the Shinobi (Ninja) and Samurai of Japan (our clan lineage) with influences from China and India to develop balance in the Sanshin (three hearts) Body, Mind & Spirit, used to survive, persevere, face any challenge and thrive . . . it CAN get you fit in the extreme, it CAN give you the body you deserve, it CAN enhance your natural ability to cope with stress and strain, it CAN bring balance to your life, it CAN bring you inner peace and happiness!

Know this . . .





Note: Most fitness professionals will say you need to balance the body, mind and spirit (then they just get you exercising and give you basic dietary advice) . . . this shows a lack of understanding of the 'mind, body & spirit' connection, as each of these holds an equal importance and need to be balanced in their own right before you can balance the three.

For example: being strict on exercise (fitness - omote or outer) but not eating well (health - ura or inner) or vise versa would lead to an unbalanced body, obsessing about different diets/calories (too technical) or constantly searching for fad training techniques (too gullible or not worldly 'smart') would lead to an unbalanced mind and then training with too much intensity (being too courageous/enthusiastic) can lead to injury and burn out or not committing/trying hard enough (not enough courage/effort) would lead to poor results and becoming unmotivated/un-enthused resulting in an unbalanced spirit.



To get started simply Join the clan, NO joining or annual membership renewal fees, just an $22 per 4 weeks subscription (AUD) for unlimited access, no hidden costs, no 'up sell' page asking for more money before the checkout, no catches!

You get the FULL progressive 12 week NINJAFIT CHALLENGE to start, in bite sized 2 week modules with ongoing access to:

  1. Detailed instructional videos including updates and MANY additional and advanced Junan Taiso exercise routines,
  2. Motivational and instructional videos, audio and pdf downloads
  3. Hypnosis audios to help with everything including eating, sleep, giving up addictions, procrastination, focus, balance, performance, happiness and relaxation plus many more!
  4. Eating and nutrition advice in plain, realistic terms - NO fad diets!
  5. Menu ideas (not fancy chef inspired masterpieces) . . . real tasty food ideas for real people with real cost and time constraints,
  6. Training plans that you can alter to fit your lifestyle for use in the gymnasium, home gym, body weight only routines, yoga, flexibility, balance and many many more!
  7. Calendars to keep track of your progress,
  8. Regular emails/posts/Instagram etc messages of support and encouragement,
  9. Your own profile page to share your experience,
  10. and all the knowledge, positiveness, love and best wishes we can throw your way.

Plus as you would be a member of our Ninjutsu Clan you also get access to our online Ninjutsu Martial Arts training and Warrior Friends Japanese Cultural activities society at no extra cost!

If you were referred by a friend please use their link (ask them for their affiliate link) to sign up as we would like to reward them, this affiliate offer will extend to you as a member if you introduce others to our clan.

Note: 4-17 year olds will require parental/guardian (18+) to join and then add them under our minors/family 'seat' feature for online safety reasons.
Existing Dojo members (attending our training in person) DO NOT apply here, also if you wish to physically attend one of our Dojo you must apply at that Dojo for that membership NOT online, the entire online system is still be available to Dojo members included in the dojo fees.

Membership includes access to EVERYTHING . . . 

NO up sell at checkout, nothing extra to pay, just $22 subscription per 4 weeks via PAYPAL.
That's less than 80 cents a day!

Plus: Check out the affiliate offer to possibly reduce or eliminate your ongoing subscription costs!

We return up to 25% of the subscription fees to our members, it's a 4 tier affiliate only system so you could be rewarded for introducing anyone that signs up even people they sign up!


If you're a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Fitness Instructor, Sports Coach or hold any Nationally or Internationally recognized formal qualification in sport or fitness or are a martial artist (any, not just Ninjutsu/Budo Taijutsu) that wants a done for you online fitness program then click below to see how we can increase your knowledge, client base, create an active and PASSIVE INCOME and enhance your lifestyle plus become a NINJAFIT MASTER TRAINER.





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