Please note: we only accept memberships from individuals over the age of 18, with subscriptions paid via PayPal.

Adult couples will need to hold separate membership accounts. There are too many variables in our training and programs, individuals will progress at their own pace, earn rewards, certificates, ranks and qualifications along the way and much is tailored to the individual (especially in Ninjafit), so do not share a membership with anyone (it's also a condition of membership).

If one parent or guardian wishes to add children (U18) to their account, the 'child seats' option must be selected at the registration stage before checkout. Individual 7-17 year old membership accounts can then be setup. 4-6's activities can be accessed through the parents account.

In this option simply select the number of additional family member 'child seats' which will be billed with the registering adults subscription.

The adult membership account holder is the only one that will be participating and benefiting from the Affiliate program, so while children can still introduce other people to join, the affiliate commission will go into the Adult account holders PayPal account. Under 18's can not participate directly in the affiliate commission program.

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