4 to 6 year olds, evasion based self defense with focus on skill development (learning), coordination, balance, listening skills, discipline, respect. Comprising the 7 year old plus white belt technique only plus other life skills for 4 – 6 year olds.


White  - 
Ura Gyaku (Jacket grab escape inward),
Chi no kata (Earth- footwork/feeling),
Zenpo Ukemi (forward break fall),
Katate Tehodoki (wrist grab escape 1 handed),
Jodan Ukemi (upper level block).

Blue  - 
Omote Gyaku (Jacket grab escape outward),
Sui no Kata (Water- footwork/feeling),
Zenpo Kaiten (forward roll),
Ryote Tehodoki (wrist grab escape 2 handed),
Gedan Ukemi (lower level block).

Purple  - 
All above plus Chi no kata (adding Fists),
Koho Ukemi,
Sanshitan Ken,
Shito Ken.

All above plus
Sui no Kata (adding Fists),
Naname Kaiten,
Shuto Ken.

Orange  -
All above plus
Fudo Ken,
Zenpo Keri.

Orange with White stripe  -  All above.

Yellow with White stripe  -  upon turning 7

Extra skills include:
Developing -

Listening skills
Earning online 'badges'  

‘Nin’ Survival (Safety) skills 
Training Safety
Play Safety
Online Safety
Stranger Awareness
Fire Safety
Water Safety
Car Safety
Electrical Safety
Storm Safety
Dog Safety
First Aid for Li'l Kids
Earning online 'badges' and printable certificates

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