• It is agreed that NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd/the instructor shall provide a Martial Arts, Japanese Cultural arts and/or Well-being/fitness/health curriculum for the member/student and the member/student/under signed Parent/Guardian agrees to pay the fees as per supplied fee schedule. By joining the organisation the member/student agrees to abide by any and all lawful instructions, rules, regulations & conventions of NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd.
  • If studying our martial art a NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL supplied uniform is required by the 8th week of DOJO training or before the students first HSP Shoshinsha level grading, Uniform includes; screen printed *Jacket w/ Club logos, Pants, leg ties, forearm covers, 2 piece hood & T-shirt. Please order ASAP, it can take 2 to 6+ weeks.  
    Note: No other uniform is permissible in our class or as part of our HSP membership, our customized uniform is supplied custom printed. No one else can supply our uniform with the required logos, leg ties etc. this is unique to us. Our uniform is of a quality, heavy weight ‘drill’ fabric.
  • Wear the correct uniform ‘Jacket with our clan insignia, Belt, Pants’ and/or our supplied or a plain black T-Shirt, singlet or crop top if desired (no polo’s, other colors or designs). NO UNIFORM or incorrect colours means NO TRAINING! NO EXCEPTIONS!  
  • Ranks, Certificates, medals, awards and/or promotions shall be issued strictly at the instructor’s discretion.
    Advancement is based on ability to demonstrate the required technique proficiently and with a sound attitude, consistent good behavior, demonstration of perseverance and the minimum required number of lessons attended - 80% per level in dojo and/or regular login and content access for the HSP (yes it is monitored).
    Any extra missed lessons due to illness, work, school study, or other activities must be made up at another dojo by arrangement onlymake up classes are available at any dojo, any time. You can ONLY make up missed classes, not do extra in advance.
  • We use suspension from part of (up to 10 minute sit out) or the rest of a class. Class ‘attendance’ record is deleted for improper behavior or conduct. Deleted classes will not count as ‘attended’ for the minimum attendance requirements as above and these ‘deleted’ classes cannot be made up, sat out of the remainder of a class 4 times means NO grading – NO exception.
    NO refund of or suspension of any fees is available for a suspended student; Instructors also have the right to suspend any student for serious misconduct for any period up to 1 month entirely at their discretion. School age students suspended from their Education Dept or private School may also be suspended from NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL training for the same calendar period.
  • NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd and/or appointed instructors can permanently terminate a student’s Dojo/Fitness/Online membership with a formal (written) notice for serious misconduct or any serious breach (violence /drug etc) of any of these terms. Any attempt/assistance to and/or successful breach of our online data including but not limited to member details (in particular Junior), source code, intellectual property, database, server, emails, etc will terminate membership and the details will be passed to the appropriate national and/or international authorities. Membership may be terminated for 16’s plus convicted of a crime of violence/drug. Termination refund conditions apply as below. We reserve the right to terminate under these conditions for the protection, safety and security of our other members.
  • The student/parent understands that the martial arts system is only to be used to defend him/herself against a hostile physical attack and the student shall take any and all responsibility for use or misuse of said skills according to laws and legislation of any State, Territory or Federal authority of Australia in doing so.
  • The student/parent shall not teach any technique in any form to another individual unless attaining the level of Instructor and/or authorized by Gary Hoffman (Organisation Head) to instruct (insurance requirement, non-instructors would be liable for any injury).
  • The student/parent understands that any club activities, martial arts or exercise training is physical and may result in injury, damages or loss through their own movement and/or contact with others, training devices or property whether instructed or not to do so.
  • The student/parent accepts responsibility for any and all injury, loss and/or damage to self and property and agrees to waive and release NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd, any and all affiliated and/or head organisations, Gary Hoffman, all appointed instructors, staff, facility, facility providers/owners, managers and staff from any and all liability, suits, damages, proceedings costs and expenses including but not limited to foreseen and/or unforeseen injuries arising from club attendance, out of class practice (at home, camps, field training etc.), extra-curricular activities, unsupervised or supervised curriculum.
  • This agreement is for a 12 month minimum term and shall remain in effect until terminated in writing as per clause 13 at which time it may be renewed, any and all applicable terms of this agreement shall remain valid through out and indefinitely after the initial agreement period. Notwithstanding any State, Territory or Federal laws.
  • Failure to make Dojo or HSP training fee/annual fee payments or late installment payments may incur penalty fees by our organisation,
    the appointed billing agent and/or your bank, this fee is the members’ responsibility. Arrears over 14 days will mean suspension of training or online access for student until full payment is made. Arrears over 28 days will terminate this agreement, the debt will be handed to a collection agent.
  • One (1) calendar months’ notice in writing is required to terminate the agreement for each member.

  • A one (1) month full installment amount Termination fee applies for all members. One whole month’s installment from the next installment date after the receipt of the written Termination notice will need to be paid regardless of installment plan frequency for each member. A refund will apply for annual and Quarterly training fee payment arrangements for unused whole month agreed installment amounts less the Termination fee for each member.
  • Upon joining this agreement can be cancelled in writing within the 1st 30 calendar days of joining/payment with no training fees due.
    All online access including HSP 'Course' access will be terminated and no further fees due, paid 'course', 'lesson' access fee or purchased product cost are not subject to our refund policy and will not be refunded except where legislation/law provides for a refund. Joining fee is non-refundable after 30 calendar days under any conditions.

  • The Member, Undersigned Parent/s or Guardian/s give NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL instructors with First Aid certification permission to perform appropriate First Aid when required on the member and agrees to waive and release NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd, any and all affiliated and/or head organisations, Gary Hoffman, all appointed instructors, staff, facility, facility providers/owners, managers and staff from any and all liability, suits, damages, proceedings costs and expenses including but not limited to injuries of mishap arising from said first aid or provision or lack of provision. Please note: our Duty of Care means we will make all reasonable efforts to provide a safe environment and first aid care within the limits of the Apply First Aid (Senior) training, an Ambulance will be called if deemed required at the members expense.
  • Terms & Conditions and/or fees/charges in connection to the provision of services or products, stated herein, on any document, verbally quoted or official schedules or website are subject to change at NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL Pty Ltd's discretion.