Goal of society – Bonsai appreciation, growing, tending and exhibiting.

Dictionary definition of ‘Bonsai’ – a miniature tree or shrub that has been dwarfed by selective pruning; the art of cultivating bonsai. Literal Japanese translation – ‘tray planting’

Benefits – develops patience, understanding of ‘life’ and the way of nature, goal setting short, medium and long term with ongoing satisfaction and reward. One can turn to their ‘bonsai’ in times of stress and worry to escape these feelings, as the bonsai needs constant care, no matter how ones day is going the bonsai is constant and requires the same care every time it’s attended to . . . bringing balance to ones life.

Member Requirements – study reference material on Bonsai, find info online or in books etc about bonsai and study. Share this knowledge with other society members. Purchase the ‘equipment’ (pots, wire, snips etc) and give it a go, see fact sheet.
Meet regularly (in dojo or in forums), display the bonsai at NI gradings and events, public fates/fairs and Show etc.