Whether you are looking to join the BUYU KAI (Warrior Friends Society) Japanese culture activities, study traditional NINJUTSU Martial Arts, or want to get NINJAFIT with our fitness, health and wellbeing system . . . joining our Ninja Clan has more benefits than you might think!   

Have a look around, but we are still transferring and re-editing the resources from our old site (check it out) and creating lots of new interactive stuff, so some links and pages might not be working just yet or available to non-members but hang in there . . . this will be awesome!


Note: 4-6, 7-12 & 13-17 year olds will require parental/guardian details and permission on membership form. All must have card or payment method owners permission. 
Existing dojo members DO NOT apply here, also if you wish to train at one of our Dojo you must apply in Dojo for that membership NOT online.

See NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL for membership benefits and registration form

The BUYU KAI is a Japanese Warrior Cultural Society, formed to foster an understanding of and enlightenment to the balance of art and culture required by the Feudal Warriors of Japan.

Focused on 9 cultural activities from the periods dating from the 7th to 19th centuries. 

Covering a wide variety of activities and social etiquette, from the Tea Ceremony and Bonsai to mastery of the Japanese Bow and Warriors way of the horse.

As Shinryuken Masamitsu Toda the 32nd Soke (Grandmaster) of Togakure Ryu Ninpo and Soke of 5 other Ninja/Samurai Arts stated in the late 1800’s:
“Hold in your heart the importance of family loyalty and pursue the Literary and Warrior Arts with balanced determination”.

In other words to be a complete ‘Warrior’ one must have a balance of ‘cultural skills’ and ‘fighting’ or Martial Art skills . . . not just ‘fighting’ skills to be a true warrior.