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From 4 year old to virtually any age . . .
learn Traditional Ninpo Taijutsu
Self defense, traditional weapons, self development & wellbeing

Study at home or at our dojo
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Ultimate fitness, health & wellbeing, everything you need for your Body, Mind & Spirit . . . to be your best!
Complete the 12 week NINJAFIT CHALLENGE - 
Shinobi Junan Taiso but that is just the start . . . master the basics then choose from many progressive programs to suit your goals, support forums, PDF downloads, hypnosis audio downloads, REAL nutrition and eating advice  

9 Japanese cultural activity societies, Bonsai, Taiko - drums, Koi/goldfish, Cooking & Tea ceremony, Ink art, Noh & Kabuki drama, Kyujutsu - Archery, Horsemanship & traditional Ninjutsu & Samurai Weapons. With information, forums, videos, downloads and certificate courses. 

Learn effective evasion based self-defense and combat skills based on proven survival methods used by the Ninja and Samurai of Feudal Japan, balance, co-ordination, gain self-awareness, control, spatial awareness, improved self-esteem, confidence, mental ability, fitness, well-being  and gain inner peace.

Authentic 820 year old non-sporting, 'old school' Budo from the Togakure, Gyokushin and Kumogakure ryu Ninpo and Gyokko, Koto, Shinden Fudo, Takagi Yoshin, Kukishin and Gikan ryu Bushi jutsu lineages.

The basics of the 9 schools plus the Ninpo arts are mastered first then each of the other arts are completed in succession. Learning Ninpo taijutsu, Budo taijutsu, Jutaijutsu, Dakentaijutsu, Koppojutsu, Koshijutsu, Taihenjutsu, Kihon Happo, Hajutsu, Sanshin, Bukijutsu and all their hanka (variations).

Study at one of our Dojo (training centers) or study online anywhere, anytime at your pace with our unique NINJA HIT (High Intensity Training) progressive HOME STUDY PROGRAM (HSP) with online instruction video, join live streamed classes, download training instruction sheets, MP3 audio instruction and Japanese terms pronunciation, online forums,  blogs, quizzes, assignments and assessments plus access to the full NINJAFIT system including the 12 week NINJAFIT CHALLENGE and BUYU KAI cultural activities online. Simply click on the links below to learn more.

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4 to 6 year old
'Fun, safe, educational, it's like a preschool for martial arts'

7 to 17 year old
  'Effective evasion based self defense, survival and life skills, includes authentic traditional Ninjutsu and Samurai weapons'

18+ Adults Traditional Ninpo & Budo Taijutsu
Self defense, traditional weapons, self development & wellbeing'

Ultimate fitness, health & wellbeing, everything you need for your Body, Mind & Spirit to be your best! 

9 Japanese cultural activities, from Bonsai, Cooking & Ink art to Archery, Horsemanship & traditional Weapons

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